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This space is now ready for your classified ads! Sell anything, advertise all goods and services.

Because this community is still small, we have decided to post all classified ads for you!  This prevents abuse from spammers and internet 'trolls' and it also makes it easier for us in terms of having to monitor complex and expensive advertising software.  Send an email to:      Admin@roxboropeople.com   Tell us everything about your item and give the contact information you would like to list with your item.   You may attach a digital photo!  No email?  Send your ad in writing to:   CBB, P.O. Box 73, Hurdle Mills, NC  27541   Best option is to JOIN THE DISCUSSION FORUM and post your ad yourself there.

Wanted:  Short term housing for student My nephew is a junior at NCSU majoring in civil engineering.  He will be doing an internship with the Department of Transportation in the Roxboro area this summer.  We would like to find some place he could rent for a reasonable rate from the end of May until the middle of August.  Contact:  Margie Kitrell, poodles_nc@yahoo.com